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I am associate professor at Sorbonne University (SU) in the project-team POLSYS which is common between LIP6 and INRIA Paris. My research area is at the intersection of cryptography and computer algebra. I am interested by evaluating the security of cryptographic primitives by means of algebraic methods. The idea is to model a cryptographic primitive as a system of algebraic equations. This general approach is called algebraic cryptanalysis. Once this modeling is done, the problem is then to solve an algebraic system. Gröbner bases is a classical technic to do so. In POLSYS, we have applied this approach to evaluate the hardness of various problems underlying the security of most quantum-resistant algorithms : multivariate schemes, code-based as well as lattice-based schemes. It apperas that algebraic cryptanalysis an important tool for evaluating the security of quantum-resistant algorithms. I defended my habilitation thesis on these topics.
I am teaching cryptography in the master SFPN and post-quantum cryptocgraphy in a specific course at MPRI.
A large part of my activity is now devoted to industrial transfer of quantum-safe cryptography : external scientific advisor for Kryptnostic, work-package leader of RISQ the largest (so far) industrial project on quantum-safe cryptography, co-chair of CSA quantum-safe security working group and member of the quantum-safe cryptography specification group of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).
I am currenty involved in the creation of a new spin-off : Post-Quantum Advanced Technologies (PQAT). This spin-off was maturated in the project HFEBOOST where we developped an Android application which allows to encrypt and decrypt documents with in-house post-quantum cryptosystems.


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