Huu Phuoc Le

PolSys Team - LIP6

I obtained a PhD in computer science on 3rd December 2021 at PolSys Team - LIP6 - Sorbonne University, under the supervision of Prof. Mohab Safey El Din.

My PhD thesis manuscript is entitled "On solving parametric polynomial systems and quantifier elimination over the reals : algorithms, complexity and implementations".

You can find my PhD thesis here.

My main research topics involve many aspects of the design and complexity analysis of efficient algorithms for real algebraic geometry and polynomial system solving (especially systems with parameters) using computer algebra - symbolic computation.


  • Our joint paper "Finer complexity estimates for the change of ordering of Grobner bases for generic symmetric determinantal ideals" (with A. Ferguson) is accepted for publication at ISSAC 2022. [hal]
  • My paper "Faster algorithms for computing real isolated points of an algebraic hypersurface" is submitted to Journal of Symbolic Computation. [hal]


Email: huu-phuoc [dot] le [at] lip6 [dot] fr
Office: 26-00.338 LIP6
Campus Jussieu
75005 Paris - France