ACA 2015

Special Session: Polynomial System Solving, Groebner Basis, and Applications

July 20 - 23, 2015, Kalamata - Greece

Goal of the session

Polynomial systems are fundamental mathematical objects and emanate naturally in almost the whole spectrum of science. They arise in computational geometry, optimization, tensor decomposition, game theory, coding theory, cryptology, CAD, signal processing, robotics, biology; just to mention few of the disciplines.

Groebner bases, on the other hand, are one of the main tools for solving systems of polynomial equations. Moreover, they are the building blocks for a wide range of higher-level computer algebra algorithms.

The special session focuses on algorithms, efficient implementations for solving polynomial systems and on novel applications that extend the limits of the state-of-the-art from a theoretical and/or practical point of view. Its purpose is to bring together different communities that are interested in polynomial system solving, to present cutting-edge results in the area and to identify future challenges.

We explicitly encourage submissions on computational aspects.

The proposed special session is a follow-up of the successful special session "Groebner bases and applications" organised in the context ACA 2014 in New York.


Contributed Talks

Anissa Ali An algebraic method to compute the mobility of closed-loop overconstrained mechanisms
Jérémy Berthomieu Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Quadratic Isomorphism of Polynomials:The Regular Case
Jinsan Cheng Solving polynomial system with linear univariate representation
Christian Eder Improved Parallel Gaussian Elimination for Gr\"obner Bases Computations in Finite Fields
Nadia El Mrabet Use of Groebner basis in order to perform a fault attack in pairing-based cryptography
Ioannis Emiris Sparse multihomogeneous systems, root counts and discriminants
Jean-Charles Faugere Linear Algebra for Computing Gröbner Bases of Linear Recursive Multidimensional Sequences
Robert H. Lewis Solving Polynomial Systems Using the Dixon-EDF Resultant with Emphasis on Image Analysis Problems
Anders Jensen Tropical homotopy continuation
Sharwan Kumar Tiwari Modular Techniques to Compute Grooebner Bases over Non-Commutative Algebras with PBW Bases
Gennadi Malaschonok About Triangular Matrix Decomposition in Domain
Matthew Niemerg Bounds on the Number of Real Solutions For a Family of Fewnomial Systems of Equations via Gale Duality
Victor Pan Real Polynomial Root-finding by Means of Matrix and Polynomial Iterations
Sirani Perera A Fast Euclid-type Algorithm for Quasiseparable Polynomials
Ludovic Perret Algebraic Attack against Wild McEliece & Incognito
John Perry Midway upon the journey
Guenael Renault Application of Computer Algebra in Number Theory Based Cryptology
Ludo Tolhuizen The HIMMO Scheme
Elias Tsigaridas Nearly optimal algorithms for real and complex root refinement
Tristan Vaccon Computation of Groebner bases and tropical Gröbner bases over $p$-adic fields
Chun-Ming Yuan Efficient Groebner bases computation for Z[x] lattice


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